Achva Academic College - Israel
The Start-up of Academia

Achva Academic College aims to be the game changer - and will ensure a better future - for its students and for the residents of southern Israel.


Achva became the ultimate Academic studies location for the population living in the periphery surrounding the college, which cannot afford the high standard of life and tuition fees associated with "Big City" style universities in Israel.

Achva Academic College is an engine for growth and equality in Israel's southern periphery. Our curricula and training programs break down geographical and cultural barriers, as students and faculty from diverse backgrounds build a community of practical and visionary people who play a significant role in solving the region's critical challenges. The groundbreaking academic excellence of the college's faculty is motivated by the desire to provide equal opportunities to diverse sectors in Israel and to promote excellent education in the socio-geographic periphery, as a means of creating social mobility and employment opportunities.

The college has about 3,000 undergraduate and graduate students studying for diplomas at the Faculty of Health Sciences and Sustainability, the Faculty of Psychology, Society and Humanities, and the Faculty of Education and Leadership. The students represent a cross-section of Israeli society; we are proud to serve a student community comprised of an unprecedented number of 89% women and 70% first-generation of higher education students from development towns in the south of the country.

Achva has accumulated extensive experience in making higher education and paramedical services accessible to disadvantaged populations in its vicinity. The college initiates and operates many projects for the community in cooperation with local authorities from the region, projects that have won it prizes and great appreciation.

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