Mishkan Hakavana

In a world of collapsing ecosystems and social systems, a vacuum is formed, where many feel absence of meaning & separation. This is a call for participation, in implementing the vision of Tikun Olam

Mishkan Hakavana is a call for participation, for assistance, in implementing the vision of Tikun Olam (the Tikun of the world), through each one of us who feels the point in their heart calling to service. To this calling joined men and women, agnostic and religious, Jewish and non Jewish, from Israel and from around the world. People who felt the awakening of the point in their heart and came to establish a name for the vision of world reformation.
The place of study, “Mishkan Hakavana”, is led by Rabbah Saphir Eyal Noyman, enables every person who feels within themselves the need for such a connection, to join the way of Ba’al Hasulam and his work for ‘Tikun Olam’.
The teaching of Kabbalah is The studying of modern universal language created for the reformation of human nature and the understanding of common purpose for all diversity: gender, religion, thinking and emotional path , at this exact point in time – the last generation.

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