Be the reason a single mom smiles this Purim.

She’s the one who needs your matanos l’evyonim the most.

Bo bayom! Give Purim gelt to single mothers, almanos, and their children.

Your matonos l’evyonim means the world to moms who struggle to make ends meet. Dedicate yours to the members of Mishpachtainu and sponsor a delicious seudah, purim gifts, and support to those who need it most.

Mishpachtainu helps Jewish women from Crown Heights, Lakewood, Monsey, Five Towns, Boro Park, Williamsburg, and Flatbush.

Show them they aren’t forgotten and make this Purim unforgettable!

 ״אם אתם משמחים את שלי אני משמח את שלכם"

Hashem promises to bring simcha to those who bring joy to HIS people, namely the almonas and single moms who are raising their families alone. Donate now and realize Hashem’s full promise to bring simcha! 

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