Ofanim - Equal Opportunity for the Next Generation

Ofanim was founded in 2004 with the mission to provide enriching afterschool activities in STEM for children in grades 3-9 who live in Israel’s peripheral communities, and therefore, have less access to informal education and likely attend schools with inferior learning resources. Ofanim focuses on STEM education because science and computer literacy are critical to educational opportunities and gainful employment, which are in turn essential for social mobility. We at Ofanim believe that every individual can develop these skills if given the opportunity and thus our focus is to familiarize children with the world of science, technology, and academia. We aim to encourage a love of learning and to motivate the children to invest in their studies and pursue higher education. Every year, about 4,000 children from 55 regional councils and municipalities in Israel’s northern and southern periphery participate in our programs.

Your donation of any amount is appreciated. All donations are US tax-deductible.

For questions, please contact us at  +972-3-7712272 or [email protected]

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