THE SAFED ENGLISH LIBRARY - in memory of Edyth Geiger

A free lending library serving Israel's English-speaking community for 50 YEARS

"defending the frontiers of literacy"

Israel is at war.  Our dedicated volunteers are determined that the English Library, a sanctuary in the hills of the Galilee, will continue to function and expand its hours to be open to the public in spite of the danger of hostilities on the northern border. We are a social hub with a safe space which we offer to all citizens whatever their religion, language and race. Over the past week, families with small children have been coming in their dozens to borrow books, games and DVD’s. They need us!

We are continuing to fulfil Edyth’s legacy - there are no fees for borrowing books.

The library needs your support urgently. Although staffed almost exclusively by volunteers we cannot maintain our services on goodwill alone!

A gift of $100 will help us keep our doors open to the public for another day, enabling them to dispel the ongoing tension and relax in a warm atmosphere with a good book.

NOW MORE THAN EVER - Please give generously!

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