Long term medical crisis management

Yad Tamar was established in 2009 and helps approximately 2,500 patients every year (in 2022), while also creating assistance infrastructures that will allow us to help approximately 4,500 patients per year by 2024. Yad Tamar uses specially adapted information systems (CRM) that facilitate analysis of the different types of patients and the tasks necessary for each family that contacts us.

Yad Tamar is revolutionizing the way that crises are dealt with in the State of Israel – from putting out fires to long-term management of the crisis.

The basic model of Yad Tamar works as follows:

  • Training a case manager.
  • Managing tasks and prioritizing by importance.
  • Cleverly using the assistance resources pursuant to their best abilities.
  • An extensive database of organizations, government offices, and volunteers.

This model allows for the integration of many more assistance resources, who provide need-focused help for the long-term and at a high level of effectivity


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