Zehud Jewish Online School

Zehud is a non-profit online supplementary school for Jewish children in Europe whose purpose is to give children the knowledge and skills to live as proud Jews as well as feel a connection to Israel. We teach our students Hebrew and Jewish literacy. We have grown and currently have children from 17 countries from Croatia to Haiti! see our testimonials here.

We are determined that from our donor base this year - all funds will go towards a bursary for those students who require financial assistance. With your donation, you will help us support families on their Jewish journey by providing Jewish learning and Hebrew skills to our students in a way that empowers the entire family towards their Jewish future. Since October 7 - the Jewish world is awakening with more children applying to be part of the Zehud Community every week. Those from poorer countries are unable to pay full fees - and I refuse to turn anyone away from a Jewish education. For your reference, a typcial financial assistance E750 per annum.

Thank you for all that you do for our families in ensuring they have a Jewish future!

USD, GBP and ILS donations are tax-deductible.
For questions, please email: [email protected]

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